When it comes to travel...

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Travel can be as smooth as silk or very exasperating. The trick is to mentally make it part of the experience and try to be as flexible as possible. Changing schedules, rescheduling seat assignments, lost and delayed luggage and guns, are all part of the deal. But, there are several things that you can do to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip.

The first is to confirm your safari dates as early as possible so you can make airline reservations as early as possible. This at least gets the ball rolling as far as seat assignments and dates of travel. The one caveat to this tact is that airline schedules do change, possibly necessitating a change in hunt dates (if possible), or even a night’s stay at a convenient B&B in Johannesburg, SA. Best prices are during “low season”, before June 12 and after September 1.

The second is to align yourself with a travel agent that is affiliated with your airline of choice. We have always done this, and a proactive agent can sure make all the difference when a curve is thrown to your travel plans.

The third is: do not check your luggage through on multiple carriers. We like to retrieve our luggage at every change. That way you (and they) know who is responsible…no passing the buck.