What to Bring on a Safari

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Leather gloves and full brim hat (not a baseball cap unless you are dark complected). 3 pair of everything... “DARKISH and QUIET” long pants, “DARKISH and QUIET” long and short sleeve shirts, long socks, underwear etc. Laundry is done every day in camp. You can always cut off legs and sleeves. (Remember, if it is summer in the US, it is winter in Africa).

Two broken-in pair of footwear and extra laces (one pair preferably washable in case you go “swamping”). Shower thong shoes. A Shannon Bug Tamer Jacket and something to tape the bottom of your pants around your leg or use a rubber band to do the same thing ( I use the short gators by Boyt). A light to medium jacket. Bandannas. Rain poncho. Sweater (One with the product called Windstopper or Gortex inside is great).

Matches/Lighter . Any kind is better than none if you get caught out and need a fire.

Benadryl tablets and cream. Zinc Ointment, antacids. Aspirin. Tylenol, Ibuprophen, great for bad necks, back pain etc. Q Vel (for muscle cramps). Surfak (stool softener). Imodium AD(anti diarrhea). Preparation H. Mylanta II (heartburn & indigestion). A broad spectrum antibiotic like Ciproflaxin, Cephalexin or Z-Pak. Hydrocortisone cream. Polysporin. Anti-malarial prophylaxis like Mefloquine (Larium)…recommended over here if you do not have problems w/ and neuropsychiatric side effects. Check w/ your doc as to what else you will need. Yellow Fever is required.

Wash & Dry Moist Towelettes (for the trip to the timber etc.!) Lambs wool. Moleskin.

Spenco Blister Gel Kit . Foot powder. Corn cushions. (If you can not walk you can not hunt.)

Bug spray with 100% Deet. Ace bandage now recommended for snake bite compression instead of a turnequet. . Q tips. Tweezers. Kleenex tissue packs. Sunscreen. Bactine. Mentholatum. Eyewash, Band-Aids (all sizes & shapes), eye patches, Iodine & Iodine swabs, Ambesol (toothache), nasal spray, cough drops (no noise in the leopard blind), Unscented liquid soap for body, hair & clothing if needed.

Dental floss & sewing needle (dental floss makes great thread). Swiss Army knife (Hunter model) has tweezers, game saw, corkscrew and bottle cap opener (there are no pop-top or twist off tops in third world countries but you can use a cartridge or lighter if you are carrying). Leatherman Tool. With the Hunter model Swiss Army and a Leatherman you can ‘fix’ the world! Any eyewear you might need plus extra pair. Small magnifying glass (in case you lose / break your glasses).

Various size 4 mil Zip Lock bags , rubber bands, safety pins, electrical tie straps, and a couple of 39 gal. trash bags. (I put my luggage in a trash bag to keep out bull dust and spilled diesel fuel on one trip.) Roll of nylon strapping tape which will fix nearly anything.

Lens cleaner fluid and tissues for various optical lenses. Take down rifle cleaning rod (#1120 Rapid Rod from Atsko Inc.) Small whetstone, compass, orange surveying tape (mark your way or location of kill), screwdrivers & wrenches necessary for screws on firearms and scopes. A GPS is nice but not necessary as your PH will most likely have two…but it is nice to keep track of where you are without having to ask.

Take lots of batteries for any thing that runs on batteries. Electrical converter (nothing is 110 volts over there). Two good flashlights . A great canteen (I like the 2 qt. Bladder type as used in Viet Nam. As water goes down so does size) Have water purification tablets or a high quality water filter on your person in case you are a long way from the truck and need to refill from the local source. Do Not Share Your Water With Anyone!

Travelers Checks are very difficult to change in Tanzania. Bring cash in USD. Preferably 100’s, 20’s and a few one’s and five’s. Tips in total for camp staff, trackers, game scout, etc. ranges from 5 to 10% of the total day-rate (cost of hunt) on a 7 day hunt to around 5% on a 21 day hunt. Total PH gratuity in the same range from 5 to 10% of the total day-rate.

AND!!!, After your Safari…before you go to the Airport to go home, make sure that the pack you are now using for carry-on does not have any “lost” ammo in it. Dump that sucker out and start over.