Around the Horn

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12.04.: Left Bulawayo at 14:30…raining. Dropping off the highlands into the lowveld, clearing clouds and golden light. Beautiful! Passing corn fields almost black they are so green…orange poppies everywhere. Began seeing some game after entering the Gwayi Conservancy. Heading east got into some spectacular hills and curves. After sunset, driving dicey on the narrow roads w/ people, scotch carts and the occasional vehicle. Developed a low left rear tire but didn’t know it…thought it was just the poor road and the overloaded cruiser…went off the road twice and nearly lost it on a bridge. That’s when I slowed down, luckily as it turned out, as the tire blew and we hit the ditch…the 55gal drum of petrol behind my head somewhat of a concern but OK. Tire changed, pulled into the Binga Rest Camp about 21:00…couple of quick Lemon Soapies, a T-Bone steak and off to bed.

13.04: Barb and I slept later than usual…jet lag finally beaten. Large English breakfast complete w/ fried tomato and egg plant. We arrived at our house boat, the Foxy I about 10:00 hrs and begin off-loading equipment and food. Also began topping off vehicles with the fuel we trucked in. By 11:30 hrs on our way to the main body of L. Kariba. A wonderful cruise east, much of the time spent rigging fishing gear, drinking Castles and relaxing. In 4 1/2 hrs we arrived at our destination and mooring around 16:30 after going a couple of miles up the Sengwe River. A quick outing for Tiger with no luck and to dump a load of masses (beer mash) for bream baiting. Sausages and sadza for supper with a tossed salad…great dressing made by heating oil ‘til hot, adding white vinegar and seasonings while hot. Couple of sundowners…Goodnight!

14.04.: Up at 05:00hrs and on the lake by 06:00. Chummed and fished for Tiger ‘til 08:00…no Tiger. Off to the bream hole. Good day there I suspect because of the clouds ‘til about noon. Caught Chessa, Pink Ladies (Nyani Salmon), Kariba Bream and Lake Tanganyika or Nile Bream (Nilies) in the 2 to 3 kg class 12 in all Con and his crew delivered lunch at about 13:30….egg and bacon sandwiches. Back to the boat for a couple of hours and then out with everybody ‘til dark…caught a few bream. Fried fish for dinner…excellent. Goodnight!

15.04.: Up at 05:30 and again out around 06:00 chumming on the lee side of the river for Tiger. Soon the river surface was boiling slightly as small river-dogs (Tiger Fish) surfaced to take the dried Kapenta (L. Tanganyika Sardine) . Fish, fish, fish, try this, that and the other…no luck. Back to the Bream hole with limited success, …but some. Back at noon for a refreshing salad and sandwiches and off again by three bells. This time straight back to the Bream hole w/ Deon, Jonathan, James and Nicholas where Nick showed us all up with his little steel “stick” and bright red spinner….5 bream in all for him w/ at least one each for the rest of us. Shouting across the river marked success by someone to find out later that Evan had landed a 10lb Tiger on the other boat. A windless evening w/ scattered rain showers, the boys as usual pecking at flat-dogs cruising the boat for any snack that may be unlike enough to lean over the railing…one quite big in the 12 foot class. Great fried bream dinner and off to bed.

16.04: Things began moving a little slower today but we were hell-bent for Tiger. We chummed w/ fish parts and fished w/ filet after tying up with Con’s crew ‘til about 09.00 with only one Silver Barbel to show for it. Back to the bream hole where Deon took the prize with a sod of a Niley…big bruiser w/ big shoulders…the sign of things to come as these brutes continue to grow. This day marked by impala, klipspringer and elephant along the shores plus three bands of baboon hooting and hollering disciplining the kids and sounding warning to the alpha-males of the other tribes moving along the shore. Spectacular storms and clouds this evening…great breeze during dinner as storms prowled the area providing us with all of the outflow necessary to chase away the lake’s daily insect hatches. Jonathan and I cooked T-Bones on the braai. Bed was on hold this evening as Con, Deon and Jonathan reminisced hunting experiences…good stuff… Goodnight!

16-18.04: More of the same…still no Tiger Fish but getting strikes and losing lures. More bream but action slowing. Barb et al popped off the boat for a wee and immediately scared up about a 4 foot Nile (Water) Monitor Lizard or Leguwan (Afrikaans)…she wanted to catch it???

19.04.04: Packed up and cruised back to Bulawayo. Bed will feel good. Goodnight!